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Thursday, August 6, 2009


TV On The Radio - Staring at the Sun (Diplo Remix) <--- Hip Hop spliced. Drum machines and harmonies. Brilliant. 

Sharkslayer - So Sincere (Renaissance Man Remix) <---- Renaissance Man touring with Stereosonic '09. 

Trentemoller - Miss You (Interval Remix) <--- Jonny's remix. He's been working on this for a while now and it's now perfect. 

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix) <--- Return to form that garnered so much attention in the first place (The Pro Nails remix). 


Monday, August 3, 2009

See this.

In the running for best soundtrack ever.

Oh Zooey..

The Xx


Thought I'd devote a post to these guys as they've been on repeat all week. Hailing from South-West London "The Xx" are bringing dreamy pop thick and fast. I was lucky enough to have been sent their demo a few months ago and it saddens me to say that it sat collecting dust for a while.

Sharing the same alumni (London's Elliot School) as Four Tet, Hot Chip and Burial, The Xx blend simple serrated guitar riffs with wondrous vocals, yet still manage not to take themselves too seriously...covering Aaliyah and Womack & Womack. Drum machines and boy vs. girl bouncy vocals feature heavily in a basement-folk rock-shoe-gaze-a-thon. Expect nothing, but enjoy listening to them for now...

Xx - VCR <--- Cute song of the year.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Anyone who hasn't seen TV On The Radio live...this goes out to you.

TVOTR - Staring at the Sun (Live at The Metro) (Probably the best live song ever recorded)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mercury Prize

Kind of like the Aria’s “Album of the Year”…except not fixed and the contenders are talented musicians.

Kasabian will win, but I’d love to see Natasha Khan up there…

Bat for Lashes: Two Suns
Florence and the Machine: Lungs
Friendly Fires: Friendly Fires
Glasvegas: Glasvegas
Lisa Hannigan: Sea Sew
The Horrors: Primary Colours
The Invisible: The Invisible
Kasabian: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
La Roux: La Roux
Led Bib: Sensible Shoes
Speech Debelle: Speech Therapy
Sweet Billy Pilgrim: Twice Born Men


weirdboobs featured on Hype Machine. Never thought that'd happen.

All because of Generationals.

Mad love.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



**Photobucket keep quarantining the images. Here's the PG version.

As all of you minions prepare for Splendour I'd just like to send my condolences to the residents of Byron Bay and it's surrounding areas.

I haven't posted anything in a long time, so here's a heap of tracks.

The Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1.9 (Youth's Woop Woop Toop Toop Redeemed It Fix) <--- I almost brushed this track, but I saw Youth play the other night at Barsoma and this remix is so enjoyable. A sneaky fake drop and he's ditched the hard banging beat and replaced it with a "Toop Toop" sample from Cassius. Brilliant.

Pogo - Lost <--- A glitchy "Alice In Wonderland" sampled production. Nice and chilled.

Canyons - Blue Snakes <--- Saw them play to an unappreciative crowd. These guys are playing some of the best/most perculiar tracks - a mash of tribal, glitch, funk, kudoro, big beat, dance hall etc etc.

Renaissance Man - Rythym <--- From Kitusne 7.

Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DZ Remix) <--- Chosen by Mad Decent as one of the top 5 (cumulative total of 239879843) remixes. Skream's remix is pretty tight as well. A big wobbly remix.

Delorean - Deli (Acid Girls Remix) <--- Recent signee's to like, you know it's good. Killer bass line.

Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version) <--- Classixx can do no wrong. Another dreamy gem. Kind of like listening to the Beach Boys whilst in a K Hole.

Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight <--- Just a good track.

Also, coming up;

- Mightyfools at Monestary tomorrow night.
- Lost Valentinos at Barsoma on the 6th of August.
- Death or Glory (A tribute to The Clash) at The Troubador feat. Yves Klein Blue, We All Want To, The Honey Month, Black Mustang, The Disables.
- THE FUCKING GZA AKA THE GENIUS at The Hifi on the 16th of September.

*Update: The blog will be converted to a website soon enough. Also; expect mixes soon.
** Track quality is all over the place, some are Mpeg, some are 320 etc etc. Bonus Brilliance;

Dash Snow


Without knowing it, everyone has been influenced by Dash Snow. His work with IRAK, various art pieces, his polaroids and the infamous 'hamster room' in Paris.

He has now successfully joined the famed "27 Club". I won't try and provide a eulogy or history on him, there's enough out there.

He was real and all about living.



A relatively new site that is morally rivalling Hype Machine. The website was co-designed by my friend and art/animator extraordinaire, Timothy Lovett, We Are Hunted documents the most popular/hyped tracks around the world updated each hour.

With their research sources extending to all corners of the media stratosphere, such as Twitter, various blogs, Facebook, My Space, record label announcements, generic media etc. The most prevalent are unsurprisingly album leaks and artists in the media for the wrong reasons.

Hunted have taken the musical moral high ground over Hype Machine by only streaming songs or providing a youtube link, unlike it's counterpart, who have everyone believing it's perfectly legal/helping them sleep at night by providing links to blogs with "promotional tracks" to be downloaded.

It's not always appealing to everyone (P!nk and The All American Rejects have featured heavily), however it does provide an in-depth, honest list of the top 99 songs in the world.

Do yourself a favour and check it out.



Friday, June 26, 2009

The Bloody Beetroots, Ajax & Acid Jacks at Family

To be honest I only stayed for approximately 3 tracks (the opening 3). They opened with Warp (no way!) chopped through the mixing whilst thrashing around a little too enthusiastically. The fact that they have been commissioned to remix the likes of Pink, The All American Rejects and Katy Perry along with agreeing to compile/mix the latest One Love compilation really says it all for this precociously unaware Italian duo.

We took a break and went up to see lonely Lady Boy playing some Rapture and indie dance, only to return to the main room where the BPM remained dismally the same and not surprisingly, Family's sound system not coping with the onslaught of heavy bass. 

Ajax attempted to mix hard electro...and failed. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moth III: Classixx, Twist Oliver Twist!, Lady Boy, Not Cool Yet and Fashion by Kate Stein at Barsoma

The third installation of Moth brings Classixx to Australia with the official Kitsune/Cobra Snake (probably the worst collaboration of 2009 – fuck you Mark Hunter) launch at Barsoma in the Valley. Still technically an infant in comparison to its QLD ‘club night’ counterparts, with the likes of Lick It, K Club and First Kiss, Moth is gaining momentum and attracting droves of Brisbane music/fashion aficionados. Defying all unwritten laws that club nights should abide by, Moth holds their event on a Thursday and still manage to pull a significant crowd.

This edition of Moth also heralded the launch of local overnight Brisbane designer Kate Feuerriegel’s label ‘Kate Stein’. Kate modestly agreed to provide a ‘live installation’ for her current line of leggings upstairs at Barsoma as opposed to a ‘fashion show’ as such – mainly to keep the crowd from revolting against “wanky models walking around whilst a dj is trying to play”. A self-confessed bedroom designer, Kate admitted that she started designing and selling her creations purely to supplement a dwindling uni student cashflow and to satisfy her friend’s demands for the pieces. The installation focussed on leggings and had pieces for both male and female. By "eliminating their previous affiliation with gym junkies/80's/g-string aerobic action”, Kate is providing taut, borderline risque legwear that is quite clearly in demand. On behalf of everyone, I’d like to congratulate Kate for her efforts last night and wish her the very best in a no doubt prosperous career ahead.

Kate Stein Facebook



Onto the music. We arrived in time to see the end of Not Cool Yet’s set, who was playing a pleasant blend of minimal electro and subtle house. Lady Boy continued this vibe with some touches of indie crossover dance and more minimal.

Twist Oliver Twist were the only live band for the evening. Hailing from the Brisbane, TOT brought their blend of screaming synth and dominant bass lines to a more than receptive crowd who quite happily diverted their attention away from the dj booth to absorb the live aspect of the night. Their e.p is available through itunes, Amazon and at Rocking Horse.

A live midi keyboard introduction signalled the beginning of Classixx. I did a post about these guys not long ago in anticipation for their tour of Australia and I can safely say, they did not disappoint. Based on their string of remixes, one could expect that their set was going to be quite melodic – which is exactly what it was. A very minimal, almost tribal introduction made everyone ditch their cigarettes and the pit slowly filled with eager punters. Their track selection was somewhat mediocre - feature tracks included, the Au Revior Simone remix of 'Paris' by Friendly Fires, the CSS remix of 'Little Bit' by Lykke Li, 'Otto's Journey' by Mylo and a very noticeable/innapropriate drop to 'Je Veux Te Voir' by Yelle. Although they did make up for it with well-placed gems like 'Cut Dick' by Mr. Oizo, 'Kilometer' by Sebastien Tellier and some well placed Daft Punk samples.

The Bose sounds system did full justice to the music with super clear bass, I'd love for Barsoma to put on a dub gig. The second half of their set featured a lot of cow bell, which can never go wrong. Out of nowhere came Michael Jackson that even made the neo-goth, trench coat wearing douches dance. Their remix of "My Love Sees You" was the obvious closing track, such a dreamy remix.

That concludes this post. More coming soon with Fans throwing a few gigs along with The Bloody Beetroots, Bag Raiders, Ghostface Killah and Horsemeat Disco allll coming up. Hopefully a new house/disco mix from GOON as well.

Fischerspooner - We Are Electric (Classixx Remix)

The King

Richard Kingsmill is the only person at Triple J that doesn't annoy me. The following is a list of his top 100 songs of all time.

1. TELEVISION - Marquee Moon
2. JEFF BUCKLEY - Hallelujah
3. RADIOHEAD - Exit Music (For A Film)
4. NICK DRAKE - River Man
5. SIGUR ROS - Svefn-g-englar
6. TV ON THE RADIO - Wolf Like Me
7. PIXIES - Hey
8. PHOENIX - Too Young
9. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - The Mercy Seat
10. TOOL - Forty Six & 2
11. BIG STAR - Thirteen
12. THE BEATLES - A Day In The Life
13. LED ZEPPELIN - Ramble On
14. JOY DIVISION - Heart & Soul
15. TOM WAITS - Clap Hands
16. DAFT PUNK - Digital Love
17. BECK - Lonesome Tears
18. PJ HARVEY - Sheela -Na-Gig
19. THE CLASH - London Calling
20. PAVEMENT - Range Life
21. PORTISHEAD - Sour Times
23. ARCADE FIRE - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
24. THE JAM - Going Underground
25. THE SMITHS - How Soon Is Now
26. DAVID BOWIE - Life On Mars
27. THE TRIFFIDS - Hell Of A Summer
28. LAMB - Gorecki
29. JOHN LENNON - Working Class Hero
30. THE CARS - Just What I Needed
31. AUGIE MARCH - One Crowded Hour
32. THE CURE - Play For Today
33. KATE BUSH - The Man With The Child In His Eyes
34. GOLDFRAPP - Lovely Head
35. ELLIOTT SMITH - Waltz #2
36. THE GO-BETWEENS - Draining The Pool For You
37. THE BEASTIE BOYS - Sure Shot
39. THIS MORTAL COIL - Song To The Siren
40. SONIC YOUTH - Tunic (Song For Karen)
41. JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Castles Made Of Sand
42. ROXY MUSIC - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
43. NIRVANA - On A Plain
44. YOU AM I - Tuesday
46. THE SAINTS - Swing For The Crime
47. MY MORNING JACKET - One Big Holiday
48. MASSIVE ATTACK - Protection
49. FLEET FOXES - Mykonos
50. SLY & THE FAMILY STONE - Sex Machine
51. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Cursed Sleep
52. THE STOOGES - Down On The Street
53. WEEZER - Say It Ain't So
54. PRINCE - When Doves Cry
55. SOMETHING FOR KATE - Whatever You Want
56. ELBOW - Any Day Now
57. PUBLIC ENEMY - Fight The Power
58. WILCO - Handshake Drugs
59. THE BREEDERS - Safari
61. APHEX TWIN - Windowlicker
62. AL GREEN - Tired Of Being Alone
63. THE STONE ROSES - What The World Is Waiting For
64. GOMEZ - We Haven't Turned Around
65. THE WOLFGANG PRESS - Kansas (Flood Remix)
66. KANYE WEST - Flashing Lights (Ft. Dwele)
67. THE RAMONES - I Wanna Be Sedated
68. KRAFTWERK - The Robots
69. THE SHINS - New Slang
70. BJORK - Isobel
71. BIG HEAVY STUFF - Laughing Boy
72. N.W.A - Fuck Tha Police
73. SINEAD O'CONNOR - Nothing Compares 2 U
74. PRIMAL SCREAM - Come Together
75. NEIL YOUNG - Southern Man
76. BRIAN ENO - On Some Faraway Beach
77. 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - I Had To Tell You
78. CUSTARD - Singlette
79. THE GUN CLUB - Sex Beat
82. VAMPIRE WEEKEND - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
83. LUPE FIASCO - Kick Push
84. R.E.M. - These Days
85. JOHN CALE - Close Watch
86. TALKING HEADS - Crosseyed And Painless
87. BLUR - For Tomorrow
88. XTC - Dear God
89. THE PRESETS - My People
90. DIED PRETTY - Life To Go (Landsakes)
91. TEENAGE FANCLUB - Starsign
93. FUNKADELIC - Hit It And Quit It
94. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Regular John
95. THE ONLY ONES - Another Girl, Another Planet
96. BILLY BRAGG - Levi Stubbs' Tears
97. ERIC B & RAKIM - Paid In Full (The Coldcut Remix)
98. THE PANICS - Don't Fight It
99. MGMT - Electric Feel
100. FRED NEIL - The Dolphins

You Tube List

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blu & Exile, Walrii & Danck and Rola D at Alhambra


Red Bull is essentially one of the biggest brands in the world. It has somewhat of an omnipresence in the sporting industry that is beyond dominant and it’s stranglehold on all things associated with sport is increasing ever so rapidly. Since its humble beginnings in 1998, the Red Bull Music Academy has created a college in the UK for budding musicians and producers as well as a radio station via their website. They displayed their prominence in Australia earlier this year when they sponsored Laneway Festival and had their own tent which featured artists such as Rusko, Harmonic 313, Dorian Concept, Buraka Som Sistema, El Guincho and Four Tet, needless to say, it was fucking killer.


As a part of the lecture arm of the academy, Red Bull organised for Blu & Exile to run an information night at the Judith Wright Centre in the Valley. True to their form, all reports say it was a very relaxed event where Blu & Exile were quite happy to discuss everything from lyrics to production.


A lot of recognition needs to go to the guys from Dank Morass for consistently providing Brisbane with quality up and coming producers/dj’s such as Loefah, Starkey, Flying Lotus, Farj and Joker. With places like Void in Sydney gaining for more popularity for their approach to dubstep, glitch, future beat etc, Brisbane can thank Dank Morass for putting us on the map as a destination for producers and dj’s alike.


We arrived in time to see the end of Rola D who was playing some incredible glitch and heavy dub, he did an exceptional job of preparing the crowd for the forthcoming dj’s. I’d never been to Alhambra before, but they seem to have the sound reasonably under control with clear, concise bass and piercing snare (unlike the 93 decibel limit at Hifi), however they don’t have a stage – which is a bit of a downfall…especially if you’re a midget such as myself. The delectable dub continued as Walrii and Danck took to the decks (the majority of the early sets were all vinyl, thoroughly impressed). There was a lot of new stuff being played along with notable tracks of the moment with touches of hip hop (Dub remix of ’99 Problems’ by Jay-Z and ‘Ear drum’ by Talib Kweli were stand outs).


There was a slow transition to hip hop as Exile began to set up and prepare the crowd for Blu. He opened strongly with a few minor tech problems then let loose with a barrage of quality hip hop from Nas to Busta, Dilla to Pharcyde and everything in between. The low point was when he dropped 50 Cent, however the crowd didn’t seem to mind as they were already sufficiently musically lubricated and waited eagerly for Blu to come on.


The young MC from South Central LA was energetic and had a confident stage presence as he ran through his first few tracks. Beer in hand and standing on a bass bin, he conversed with the crowd who were receptive and familiar with his bigger tracks from “Below the Heavens”. ‘The Narrow Path’, ‘Blu Collar Worker’ and ‘Good Life’ were all delivered with lyrical precision. Blu & Exile’s compatibility as a MC/Producer team is undeniably meticulous and they demonstrate this on stage very clearly and add a few touches that make their live shows exciting and captivating. The fact that they were willing to do this gig in the first place is evidence enough that Blu & Exile are passionate about their music, however it’s not until you see them live and experience their relaxed approach and see how much fun their having on stage that really solidifies their enthusiasm.


Blu & Exile - My World Is

Benga - Killers About

“What the fuck is DUB-step?” – Cameron Pratt


Sunday, May 31, 2009